Stingray Bay at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.


The Burroughs Construction Group served the role as a subcontractor to perform work for the opening of the Columbus Zoo’s Stingray Bay exhibit. Ten structurally sound canopy poles were aligned and installed.

Solutions Provided:

• Safety 1st Focus

• 10 Concrete structural bases aligned and poured

• Pole structures poured & set in place for Patron Canopy Umbrellas

• Client Grand Opening satisfied despite inclement weather

Hokuto Manufacturing Concrete Pits.


The Burroughs Construction Group had the important job of pouring two pits for the new Hokuto building in Grove City, Ohio. The 2 pits were needed for heavy manufacturing equipment that required a very thick concrete base to help with the vibrations from the machinery. One pit was three feet thick with the largest being seven feet thick of concrete at it’s deepest area. More than 295 yards of concrete went into these pits in order to stand up against the machinery that they now hold.

Solutions Provided:

• 2 Concrete pits for manufacturing equipment

• 29 Trucks containing 295 yards of concrete

• Entire job completed in 2 weeks which was 2 weeks ahead of schedule