Hydro Excavation Services.

Hydro Excavation.

Hydro excavation, also known as; “hydrovac”, “potholing”, “vacuum excavation”, “hydro-trenching”, “hydro-digging”, or “soft digging”, is the process of using pressurized water or air along with a vacuum system to remove material.

To ensure the safest operations on the job, we require at least a 2 person team to work with our truck at all times.

Our experienced hydro excavation crew is here to provide the following services:

– Spot utilities without damaging them.
– Excavating areas that aren’t accessible with a piece of equipment inside or outside of your facility.
– Excavating under transformer pads.
– Unclogging pipes
– Cleaning storm sewers and conduits with the help of the rodder system that our truck is equipped with.

We are capable of excavating any area within 250ft from the truck, which means providing the best in hydro excavation while keeping the focus area free from emissions.