Concrete Services

Custom Light Pole Bases.

Architectural Light Bases by our team offer consistent high quality and uniformity while providing many years of reliable, maintenance-free service. Burroughs Concrete Architectural Light Bases provide superior protection for electrical components within the base.

Can be ordered custom with architectural edges or a company logo.

Standard 24″ diameter or place a custom order.

Concrete Pads.

Whether you’re in need of a concrete housekeeping pad for small air-conditioning units or large industrial-sized concrete pads for manufacturing equipment, we have 13 years of experience working with concrete to ensure the best quality and craftsmanship.

We at The Burroughs Concrete, Construction, & Excavating Group are here to provide you with the best quality concrete housekeeping, transformer, and generator pads possible.

Don’t worry about having to call on multiple contractors to get the job done. We will take care of everything from start to finish.


Sidewalk installation and repair for your business is another great service we provide at The Burroughs Concrete, Construction, & Excavating Group.

The tools we use ensure that your sidewalks will be safe for everyone and the experience we have help us in making a great walkway that will last for years.